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This CD is all original songs written in the 1970s. I was influenced by all the great bands and singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s. I lived in the San Francisco Bay area for much of that time and just loved all the music that was going on, and I got to see many of the bands of that era. I still listen to Grateful Dead radio.

In the mid 70s I moved to Georgia and played in various cover bands in places like local bars or VFWs, and kept working on writing songs. I also played bass with a guy named Blaze Foley some of you may have heard of. During this period I got into people like Doc Watson and John Prine.

These songs were recorded on a TEAC 3340 four track recorder. I sang and played all the instruments except the drums. The songs have never been played live by a full band. Gail Coppock  sang the harmony vocals. She and her three sisters grew up learning to sing harmony by ear from their mother from the time they were very little.

Steve Coppock converted the TEAC tapes to digital. In 2018 Peter Green mixed and mastered them with ProTools at his studio, The Green Room and the result is this CD. 

Free downloads are available here under the Music tab. Downloads are also at Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play. Streaming at Spotify and SoundCloud. CDs are available at

The stained glass on the front cover was done by Dave in the 70s and the pictures are from the same era.

Copyrights 1979 & 2018 Dave Coppock Publisher, all rights reserved. To record these songs contact Dave at for licensing information.

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